Vegetative growth and What Nutrients you have to choose from

This will most likely be the longest part of this whole thread for there are many nutrients to choose from.

Alright, now we are getting somewhere.. WE got the seedling past 2 weeks and our lighting picked out and what period we are going to choose, now we need to pick out what nutrients we are going to use! There are a number of nutrients on the market from ‘Miracle Grow’ to ‘Pure Blend’ products to ‘Fish Emulsion’ and ‘Guanos’. Nitrogen is one of the biggest nutrient your plant will take for veg growth! So you want to make sure you supply your plant with good amount of Nitrogen. And then give a normal amount of P and K

Here is a list of what you have to choose from for nutrients for Vegetative growth. At the bottom will be a list of ‘Micro Nutes’ also known as secondary nutrients like Zinc, Magnesium and Potassium.

First if you want to go Chemical feeding here is a list of what you have to choose from and what is best and what strength. FOR ALL CHEMICAL USAGE NEVER USE WHAT THE BOX RECOMMENDS AS THE CANNABIS PLANT BURNS VERY EASILY..PROCEED USING THESE WITH CAUTION AND USING NO MORE THEN ½ STRENGTH OF WHAT IT SAYS ON BOX!

[1] Miracle grow Tomato Plant Food: NPK 18-18-21 has
2ndary nutrients are: Mag .50, Copper .05, Iron .10, Man .05 and Zinc .05
Draw back to this is it does not have Calcium and Sulphur supplement with Dolomite lime also known as garden lime.

[2] Miracle Grow All Purpose Plant Food: NPK 15-30-15
2ndary nutrients are: Boron .02, Copper .07, Iron .15, Man .05 and Zinc .06% Draw back no calcium or Mag.. best one to use is Epsom salts or dolomite lime. Use dolomite lime if having a PH problem to bring it back to desired level. Or use 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water for Mag.

[3]Peters All Purpose Plant Food: NPK 20-20-20
Not sure about the secondary nutrients but it’s a good pick over Miracle Grow products, because Peters uses less metals in there mix.

[4]Canna Terrra Series
Terra Vega… this is made for cannabis plants and has everything in the mix and is very good for new growers!

FoxFarm Products:Used for Soil and Hydro:
Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) is an ultra potent, fast acting, high phosphorous fertilizer that also contains a good supply of nitrogen for growth and vigor. It is formulated with a low pH to maintain stability in storage and keep micronutrients available. Tiger bloom can be used for both hydroponic and soil applications. When used as directed Tiger Bloom encourages abundant fruit flowering and multiple bud set. Use Tiger Bloom at the first signs of flowering through harvest. Fox Farms recommends that Tiger Bloom product be mixed with Big Bloom to correct the low PH. Tiger Bloom’s starting PH is 5.4

FOXFARM GROW BIG HYDROPONIC CONCENTRATE 3-2-6 USED ONLY FOR HYDRO potent fast acting, water soluable fertilizer specifically formulated for hydroponic use. It is then blended with premium select earthworm castings


[1] Blood Meal: 12-0-0 (These 2 are GREAT for mixing in with your soil mix

[2] Bone Meal: 6-12-0 (Add 1 cup of bone and blood meal per 5 gallons… you might want to use more blood meal because its Higher in Nitrogen for vegging stage we are in now!

[3] Guanos:
Mexican Bat guano: 10-2-0
Adds active micro-organisms to soil. These tiny organisms unlock nutrients bound up in the soil and break down the compounds in the guano

Super Tea (5-5-1)
Fertilizer which features high-nitrogen Mexican bat quano with worm castings, seabird quano, and soluble seaweed.

Seabird guano 9-9-2
Hi P Fossilized Seabird guano 1-10-1
All purpose Millennia Seabird guano 9-9-2
Orginal Seabird guano All Purpose 13-8-2
All Purpose Pelleted Peruvian Sea Bird Guano 12-12-2.5
Peruvian Seabird guano 11-13-3

[4] Castings

Worm Casting 1-0-0 source of calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen

Crabshell organic source of NPK, Calcium (23%) and Magnesium (1.33%).

Seaweed extract lots of 2ndary nutrients

[5] Earth Juice Products:
(Can be used with Hydro set-ups) also
Earth juice grow 2-1-1 EARTH JUICE a simple plant tea or a fish based fertilizer EARTH JUICE will not burn your plants or harm the soil. In fact, it’ll encourage the microbial activity in the soil, thus improving it.

Earth Juice Bloom 0-3-1 (same as grow)
Earth Juice Mircoblast THIS is a must because it has LOTS of secondary nutrients ! a must buy!!

Earth Juice Catalyst this is add on also like for missing 2ndary nutrients!

Earth Juice Meta-K Natrual source of potassium

[6] Fox Farm Products
(Can be used with Hydro set ups too)
Grow Big 12-7-7 A complete, organic-based liquid plant food blended from blood meal, earthworm castings, and Norwegian kelp

Big Bloom .01-.3-.7 It is made from premium select Earthworm castings and bat guano

Those are some of the most popular Nutrients! If I left anyout im sorry there is a lot to cover! If someone thinks I missed something please feel free to let me know and I will add it to the list with your name
Well that’s all I will write for now until tomorrow! I will go back through and find good mixtures to use for each type and what is good to use! Or I may skip it for now for this is the longest process and will take time! So I may skip that part for now and go right into veg stage

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