What Are The Top Medical Marijuana Uses?

It is seen that many states of United States of America and also many other countries worldwide have understood the benefits of marijuana to cure and comfort a patient. For this reason many well known hospitals and doctors are prescribing patients, marijuana in places where it is legal to be used for medical purposes. There are many different medical marijuana uses. To know the top medical uses then read on to know more.

  1. Out of the many medical marijuana uses list the top use which is very beneficial discovery is the fact that marijuana is prescribes to people who are suffering from Aids. With the help of marijuana treatment of the symptoms of Aids is possible. Loss of appetite along with nausea and of course pain and anxiety are all symptoms of Aids and marijuana helps to reduce these symptoms by giving relief to Aids affected patients. Many countries are accepting marijuana as a part of treatment for Aids.
  2. Treatment of Glaucoma is also possible with the help of marijuana. This is one of the important medical marijuana benefits. It has been seen that there is no single proof which goes against the fact that marijuana can treat glaucoma. According to studies done in the 1970s, smoking marijuana lowers IOP or Intraocular pressure in people who are suffering from glaucoma. The research studies were began in the year 1978.
  3. The Medical marijuana treatment for neuropathy is also very beneficial. Many people suffering from diseases like Epilepsy, Seizures and other related problems. It is said the marijuana is a muscle relaxant. Not only that, it also has antispasmodic qualities. Because of these it is very much effective in treatment of any disease which affects the nerve cells or the nerve. A person who suffers from these diseases has to go through a lot of discomfort but with the help of medical marijuana uses many patients have been finding relief from these diseases.
  4. Medical marijuana uses for cancer is also very important factor and this discovery that been a breakthrough in the history of medicine. This is also a very important reason behind the legalization of marijuana in many places. Chemotherapy which is associated with treatment of cancer causes vomiting and nausea and here marijuana helps by reducing these things in a cancer patient who is getting chemotherapy.
  5. Medical marijuana uses for depression is also known worldwide and not only depression the benefits of medical marijuana anxiety relief is also great. The symptoms of depression and anxiety can be lowered with the help of smoking of marijuana. Many doctors believe that smoking marijuana has made their patient control their mood swings and relaxed them and also helped in reduction of tendency of suicide.
  6. With Medical marijuana diseases can be kept in check. The symptoms of serious diseases like Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and OCD can be reduced with the help of marijuana. Many studies and researches have been made which favors the use of marijuana can help out a patient who is suffering for any of these movement disorders. There are many hospitals and clinic which are prescribing marijuana to the patient who are in dire need of it.
  7. The medical marijuana strains uses are also great. Medical marijuana uses for migraine headaches has shown promising result. Many people living in California swear by marijuana whenever they suffer from migraine attacks. Most people have headaches for more than one day when they have migraine attacks and in such situation it is advised to use medical marijuana to get relief from the pain. The strong painkiller is very harmful for a person but the side effects of marijuana are not at all as dangerous as painkillers.
  8. The best side effect of smoking marijuana is the fact that a person tends to get hungry. This side effect has been very beneficial in case of a person suffering from diseases of malnutrition like starvation or cachexia. So in many places it is seen that any person who is suffering from lack of appetite is prescribed medicinal marijuana which increases appetite after smoking it.
  9. Multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury causes muscular spasticity and also limb pain. Medical marijuana uses for these painful difficulties have been given and it is seen that people who are under marijuana treatment are getting relief from the pain better than patients who are not under marijuana treatment.
  10. General nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain can also be tolerated with the help of marijuana. The proper usage of medical marijuana will help a patient to deal with these things which are quite a painful thing to handle.

So, these are some of the important medical marijuana uses. Besides these, there are also many other medical uses of marijuana.

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