The Media Storm

Brian first tried to place his classified ad in the Globe and Mail, but was refused. He then called the National Post, who accepted his ad, and it ran from from Monday, Feb 19 to Friday, Feb 23, 2001. The ad only contained a mailbox number, no name or phone number.

Within hours, a reporter at the National Post did some digging and obtained Brian’s personal information. He was told that the story would run with or without his input.

After getting advice from friends and family, he decided that he may as well work with the media and ensure that the information was accurate. He had no idea of waht was coming…

The first story came out on February 19, and was on the front page of the National Post.

By the next day, Brian began to get calls from Radio and TV Talk show hosts from around North America. He also made the headlines again in the Post on February 20 and the 21st.

By the end of the week, Brian had been speaking on over 20 Radio Shows and had appointments for several TV shows.

Suddenly, Brian was inundated with hundreds of letters, packages, videos, and job offers, and the story still had not run its course.

By early March, the story had made its way to Europe and he began taking calls from as far away as England and New Zealand.

Plus, a copy of his classified ad began making its way around the internet. Soon, he was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America, and his story was covered in the Wall Street Journal. (See the National Post, March 15.)

More articles about Brian have appeared in many international publications, including Ananova and the Financial Times.

The story is not over yet… stay tuned.


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