Temps, Humidity, Reflectivity and Watering

Now we have our plants, nutrients lighting and photo period, we now need to choose what is best Temperatures and humidity For Vegging…For Vegging you want to have the temperatures around the 70’s 70-75F works best….You can have it to 80F, but no more , because you are risking heat stress to your plants. Most strains grow best around the 75F mark, where it’s nice and cool… but not too chilly. Always have fans in your grow room for they love the swaying of the wind it produces, it always produces stronger stems from the swaying motions. Having a fan blowing on them is great to but you don’t want it to where its blowing your plants all over the place lol. Keeping a fan in your grow keeps the temperatures down considerably and are one of the most important part of your grow equipment for it keeps fresh air going in your grow.

At night if you like you can keep the temperature in the 60’s but any less will cause stress to the plants. For having this temperature difference, people do this so they can get different colors on there buds and plants. By reducing the temperature at night during flowering when they are in the dark period they tend to change into a purple or bluish tint, then resuming normal temps during the normal light period. IF you wish to do this you need to make sure you can get them temps at night either with the climate you live in or by artificial means such as fans and air conditioning. Always make sure you keep it normal and steady.. Not by keeping the temps at 60F one dark period and then the next dark period go to 75. That will stress out your plants and can cause problems. So make sure if you choose to do this keep it steady temps for dark and lighting… choose one temp for lighting and the other for dark period.

Now for the humidity. Humidity is important for the first 2 weeks and gets a little less important during veg stage.. But still needs to be within range.

The humidity for seedlings- veg ranges from 50%- 40%
I use 55% humidity for seedlings… it seems they sprout faster with a bit over the range… 60% seems to be too high for seedlings. Vegetative growth humidity needs to be around 47 to 50% which works best for most strains. I use 42% humidity for veg growth. Some strains are susceptible to mold so staying with in the 50-40% range will keep you save for veg growth. Your better off having the humidity low then high, for causing the worst problems like bud rot during flowering or sweating out its nutrients or root rot. The best way to monitor your temp and humidity is to get a Hygrometer. The best ones to get are digital, they have a very accurate one from Radio Shack, or search eBay there are plenty under $10 out there. If you’re low on money and need one… there is a neat gadget that highway gas stations sell that is used to tell inside and outside temps and humidity for cars. And gives warning for when it gets to cold or to hot. They sell for about 15 dollars, and worth every cent.

Now this part is a option for your grow room… the best setup is to have flat white walls in your grow, because it reflects most of your light back on your plants, therefore getting the most out of your lighting. Using white walls gives you a lot of advantages for 1 you will not get hot spots like foil use… I don’t recommend using foil, because it will cause more hot spots and doesn’t reflect light as efficiently as Mylar and white walls.

Also flat white walls will absorb radiant heat that mylar will reflect back on to your plants meaning you will have to have a better cooling and ventilation system in your grow. Your plants need the light not the heat! If you are wanting to use Mylar besure to apply it flat without creasing or crumpling it. It comes in many different types and colors. The most popular is aluminized and reflects 94% of the light, and is the best for reflectivity other then white walls, if applied correctly will not cause hot spots. Other colors of Mylar come in white,black, metalized and aluminum. You can choose what best suits your growing needs.

Now for the watering part. My great friend Lucky Leaf has been so kind to let me use his thread that he made with reguards to watering practice and when and when not to water your plants! I couldn’t of made a thread as good as his as its very detailed with most questions already answered.

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