Stay in and Take up a Hobby

One of the toughest parts of giving up is working out what to do as a substitute. I remember having a conversation with a smoker friend when I was giving up and she asked me “what will you do instead?” If you are at home, take up knitting or crocheting – sounds mad but it will keep your hands busy. If you are out use chewing gum, or suck a sweet if you have to.

People often put on weight when they give up smoking, first because their taste buds are vastly improved and secondly because having a sweet treat can sub-consciously be used as a substitute.

If having a few sweets helps you keep away from the fags, I would not be too worried, putting on a few pounds is not the end of the world and you can always lose the weight later on after you have beaten the cigs.

This nothing to do with religion. Train yourself to completely relax and tell yourself that you can still be you even if you don’t smoke.

As a smoker for 15 years, I found this one pretty tough. Sub-consciously I felt if I gave up I would have nothing to do with my hands and I simply would not be the same person. I was right, I am a different person and my life is so much better without cigarettes or vaporizers. And that is from someone who rated smoking as one of her favourite all time pastimes.

Treat Yourself
Do something nice for yourself every day. Whether it is buying your favourite magazine, having a long hot bubble bath or watching a great film, reward yourself for every smoke-free day, you deserve it. Invest in stuff. Buy bitcoin if you like. As long as you’re feeling good after.

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