Which are the states (US) allowing to buy marijuana online?

Well there are many states in American that has legalized production of Cannabis that are used for medical purposes only. These cultivators are licensed by the government and their yield is bought by many pharmaceutical companies for using it as medical drugs. There are in total 24 states that have legalized marijuana on medical purposes. These are Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Delaware, Washington DC, Hawaii, Maine, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon and Vermont.

Although, these states are legalized with growing marijuana on their lands, it is restricted to be used for medical usage only. However, if you are addicted to weed and want to buy marijuana online, you would have to do some research over internet before you place your research. You can ask your friends about such online dealers and online web portals that offer their services of providing marijuana at an affordable price. You can also buy some from a nearby medical shop that keeps cannabis for medical purposes if they sell to you or if you have some authentication with you. If there is a will there is a way! Buying cannabis online is a good way if you are smart.

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