History of Medical Marijuana Timeline

2727 BC – Although there are conflicting reports it has been claimed that the Chinese Emperor used medical marijuana as a tool to cure female bodily problems, malaria, gout, constipation and rheumatism.
2000 BC –There have been reports that the Egyptian people used medical marijuana to treat extremely painful eye conditions
1000 BC – It is said that in India madical marijuana was used during childbrith to ease pain as well as an anesthetic and to overcome any hunger or thirst issues in times where food and water were difficult to obtain.
200 – 70 BC –Greece and Rome advocated the drug to get rid of any pain associated with edema, earache and to reduce inflammation
1621 – Medical marijuana was thought by an English clergyman to cure depression
Early 1700s – Medical marijuana was widely used in Africa to aid in the healing of a variety of disorders such as tetanus, hemorrhoids, hay fever, rheumatism, asthma and skin disorders.
Late 1700s – It has been documented that Napoleon’s Amy force used the drug as a pain reliever and sedative. 1850 –The United States Census reported that there were thousands of acres of cannabis on more than 8,000 plantation devoted to producing the product.
Early 1900s –Cannabis gained its infamous reputation for being a dangerous drug versus an aid to health. However, despite this it was still recognized to help with seizures, manic depression and a variety of emotional maladies.
1900s – 2000s – Marijuana had many ups and downs. It became illegal in this time period and became known as a recreational drug of kids in the 1960s. It got labeled as a “gateway drug” to more serious intoxicants or drugs.

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