Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are a number of tried & tested ways to germinate Marijuana seeds one of the best and most reliable methods is the paper towel method.

Simply get a few sheets of kitchen towel, and place the seeds in between the paper on a plate, then wet the paper towel so it is moist but not soggy. You don’t want the seeds sitting in standing water. The best way to do this is spray the towels with a water mister so they are damp but not soaking wet. Tip off any excess water that is left on the plate. Then you need to place them in a dark, warm place. The most common place is in an airing cupboard or any cupboard that is dark & fairly warm (18-25 degrees Celsius is best) That works out at 66-80 Fahrenheit.

Some people place the seeds on top of their cable/satellite box or on top of their PC (anywhere that gives of a small amount of heat is ideal)

It is important to check the seeds at least twice a day so that the paper has not dried out, if it is starting to dry out just spray with some a little more water. Repeat this process if necessary.

In about 24-48 hours (sometimes longer) the seeds should have ‘split’ and you will see a ‘tap-root’ starting to appear from the seed. It is best to let this tap root get to approx 1cm long before potting into the medium of your choice. If you have germinated successfully you will see your seeds have ‘popped’ like the ones below:

Once the seeds have popped you are ready to plant into the medium of your choice.

Another method is just to simply get a cup of water (regular tap water is fine) some use distilled or mineral water but water from your kitchen tap is perfectly okay. Now drop the seeds(s) into the water, cover with some clingfilm to stop evaporation & put the seed in somewhere dark and warm. The seed will probably float don’t worry about this it is normal, after appoximately 24-36 hours the seed should have sunk & split open. Once this has happened you can take the seed out and plant (make sure the tap root is facing downwards into your growing medium when planting)

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