Fascinating Facts About Marijuana

Not everyone has a clear idea about Marijuana. If you ask people to state some facts about marijuana then they will not state that it is a kind of recreational drug or will state that it is used for medical purpose in some States. But there are many fascinating facts which one must know about the marijuana which is now legal in many States.

According to studies it is seen that more than 45% of people living in American have use marijuana. It is the most popular thing after alcohol according to a worldwide survey. Not only this, it is seen that up to 6000 new people tried marijuana for the first time each day in United States of America. So, what is interesting is that even though it is illegal in many States, marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs.

The consumption of marijuana has been going on for more than 5000 years. If you read the history of marijuana then you will learn that it was used traditionally in countries like Europe, Asia and Africa. It is said that around 1873 the plant came to be known but it is mostly called cannabis. But according to folklore, the name marijuana came from the name Maria and Juana which was slang words used to describe a prostitute. Many believe that the word is derived from the term “maraguanquo” the meaning of which is “intoxicating plant”.

One of the fun facts about marijuana is that according to studies there are about 2000 slang terms which is used to describe marijuana or cannabis in the USA alone. Some of the popular tem of cannabis is “ganja”, “joint”, “pot” and also the famous word “weed”.

The main compound of marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC is psychoactive. It is said that around 70 compounds called cannabinoids is present in the flower and the leaves of this plant. But one of the interesting facts about marijuana is that it also has many non- psychoactive and therapeutic cannabinoids also.

Now for one of the positive facts about marijuana. According to a recent study conducted by University of Alabama and UCSF which was done on 5000 marijuana smoker, it is seen that a person who smokes this marijuana few times in a few has a stronger lung capacity in comparison to non smoker or a tobacco smoker. Not only this, in recent times, 2005 to be exact the UCLA paper suggests that smoking marijuana can prevent lung cancer. This is because of the presence of THC in marijuana which do not encourage cancer and for this reason many cancer patients are given marijuana.

Out of the many facts about marijuana, it is important to mention that out of so many State of USA which has legalized marijuana, only the State of Washington and Colorado has made marijuana fully legalized which means one can grow, sale and kept certain amount of marijuana.

Out of the many facts of marijuana, this fact is very interesting. Including loss of potential tax revenue and so cost spent on law enforcement, the price for prohibition of marijuana every years comes to around 20 billion dollars. So, if marijuana is legalized then this money can be used on some serious issue which the country is facing or will face.

There are many facts about marijuana but the fact that 57% of people of America support on legalization of marijuana but the support of marijuana for medical purpose only comes to an impressive 80%.

Hemp is actually very good for the environment or the planet in general. It can be used to make bio fuel which will do the planet some good if more bio fuel options and methods are adopted. Beside this, Hemp is an amazing as it can be used to make paper, canvas, rope and also clothing. Beside these, hemp can also be eaten as food. In places like Iran, India, Peru and Uruguay hemp is grown for both fuel and food.

Marijuana is not deadly and it has very mild side effects compared to alcohol and tobacco which are very dangerous for a person. It is also said that no one can overdose on this very drug, one have to smoke 800 joints of marijuana in just one sitting to be killed. But still now there has not been any report of a person smoking that many joints in just one sitting.

These are some of the interesting, fascinating and of course some positive facts about marijuana. With further research and search other many beneficial and interesting facts can be known. The internet is filled with many facts and history of this drug and one can read in detail about marijuana.

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