I am really not going to say much about this, because there are so many grow faqs on cloning that it will be a waste of time. I will provide the link that will take you to about 10 different ways to clone on.

Cloning is basically taking cuttings from your selective female or male plant and getting the cuttings to grow roots so it will produce the same features as the plant you took the cuttings from and the same sex of the plant you took cuttings from.Most people clone females, because it seems like females are harder to come by, not only that when you know you have females you don’t have to go around sexing them until flowering time when you have to worry about hermie plants.Also used for when you want to keep the type of pheno plant also known as type of plant weather its bushy or tall or a heavy yielder.Cloning is very important for it will help cut the production time in half and keep you wasting light on males that will end up having to be chopped anyways.

So if you want a steady flow of bud coming in, cloning is a must. So if you want to clone you will have to have a selected mother plant and keep her vegging and taken care of and you can keep taking cuttings from them. Mothers can live for a very long time as long as you keep transplanting them when needed… when they get into a 5 gallon bucket you will need to trim some of the soil off the bottom and sides to keep the root production clean… you don’t want your mother to become to big if you don’t have enough space to keep her in…. by cutting the soil and roots off the sides and bottom.. it will help keep the growth of the plant down but will till grow cuttings. Taking the lower branches off first are the easier to clone because of less Nitrogen and more carbohydrates in them… you want less nitrogen in your plant before you take cuttings so you wont have as much problems getting your cuttings to root. Carbohydrates are energy, a clone with more energy will be able to sustain longer and have more strength to grow roots.

When you read some of the links and pick out the methods that appeal to you there are a few things that they forgot to add. NOT ALL CLONES ROOT IN 7 to 10 days! Factors being this is because if you take a clone from flowering the plant will have to revert back to veg growth before it grows roots. Thus taking longer to root!Another factor is some strains are more stubborn then others to clone, so please do not get discouraged if you can’t attempt to clone on your first try. If not succeed try try again!! Also even in vegging clones can take longer then others so be patient and don’t go puling the clones out of its medium to check for roots
Being patient always pays off!

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