Cloning Marijuana

Tools & materials required:

1) Seedling tray/clone box with bottom heating (heating not essential)

2) Sharp knife or safety blade

3) Rooting Hormone

4) Spray bottle

5) Small rockwool cubes, coco plugs or Jiffy plugs

Step 1. With a sharp blade cut a growing tip from the plant. Make sure you don’t cut the cutting too short, you need 2-3 leaf nodes for a good cutting.

Step 2. Trim off the lowest pair of leaves close to the main stem, as shown in image 2 and 3

Step 3. Make a 45 degree cut near the bottom on the main stem just below the node where you trimmed the leaves off in step 2. The cut needs to be at an angle just below the leaf node to create the maximum amount of surface area for new roots to grow.

Step 4. Dip the end of the cutting in rooting power or gel and ensure all cut areas are completely covered with powder or gel. Gently tap off any excess powder.

Step 5. Soak a small rockwool cube or coco/jiffy plug in water and make a hole about 25mm (1/2 inch) deep into the cube with a match. Make the hole just a little smaller than the diameter of the main stem of your cutting if possible; you want a reasonably snug fit for the cutting.

Now gently insert the cutting into the cube far enough to cover the area where you cut off the leaves. About 25 mm.

Step 6. Now place the cutting in your seedling tray or clone box, mist the cuttings with water using a spray bottle and also mist the inside lid of your clone box. Place the cover on, plug in the bottom heater if you have one, and you’re done.

Check the cuttings every day and pour a little water over the rockwool cubes if they begin to dry out. Do not fill your clone box with water, just pour enough on the cubes to re-soak them to prevent drying out. You will probably have to do that every 2 days.

Mist the cuttings and inside cover of your clone box every few days with a spray bottle or whenever you see the water droplets disappear from the inside of the cover.

After about 2 weeks you should see roots growing out of the rockwool cubes like in the image below. You now have a clone of your original plant that is ready for planting.

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