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Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

They raid the cannabis clubs because under US legislation the federal government supersedes the state. The taxpayers who voted to legalize it for medicinal use in California are watching their federal tax money go to the DEA who then comes in and refuses them their medicine. And this isn’t even the worse of it. Incarcerations are up twelve-fold since 1980 for possession of marijuana charges.

People use marijuana to relax and instead get throw in jail with hardcore criminals. This negative influence experienced in jail is no good for society in general. Imagine if everyone who ever tried thc was thrown in jail. Over a third of the US population would be stuck not only draining tax dollars but being negatively influenced by criminals. Hemp is an extremely valuable cash crop that is not legal to grow.

It is unfortunate to realize that the constitution was signed on hemp paper, but the government is so scared of the plant that it is not even legal to grow now. The plant can be turned into clothing, paper, rope, and fuel. Currently we import all hemp from other countries. …

Mind Alternating Stimulants Other than Weed

Another type of stimulant is known as tonic herbs are on the uprising. Tonic herbs such as ginseng and Siberian eleuthero do not contain central nervous system stimulants as potent as caffeine and ephedrine. These old school herbs work in the body to increase energy, prevent fatigue, improve mood, and possible even enhance libido. Mood brighteners are substances that elevate the spirits, rid depression, reduce anxiety, and increase feelings of cheer and optimism. Mood brighteners tend to be less potent and less toxic than anti-depressants. Substances such as St. John’s wort and three essential oils (Rose, Jasmine, and Neroli) rarely cause euphoria but frequently rid mild depression and enhance an overall sense of well being.

Brain boosters are becoming more and more popular in the natural remedy aisle. Brain boosters are taken to enhance brain function, prevent age related declines in mental performance, increase short and long term memory, promote learning, and heighten creativity and motivation. Some common side effects of natural brain boosters are the ability to protect the brain from radical damage, increase blood flow in brain, and lastly, boosting the activity of some neurotransmitters (dopamine, noradrenalin, and acetylcholine). …

History of Medical Marijuana Timeline

2727 BC – Although there are conflicting reports it has been claimed that the Chinese Emperor used medical marijuana as a tool to cure female bodily problems, malaria, gout, constipation and rheumatism.
2000 BC –There have been reports that the Egyptian people used medical marijuana to treat extremely painful eye conditions
1000 BC – It is said that in India madical marijuana was used during childbrith to ease pain as well as an anesthetic and to overcome any hunger or thirst issues in times where food and water were difficult to obtain.
200 – 70 BC –Greece and Rome advocated the drug to get rid of any pain associated with edema, earache and to reduce inflammation
1621 – Medical marijuana was thought by an English clergyman to cure depression
Early 1700s – Medical marijuana was widely used in Africa to aid in the healing of a variety of disorders such as tetanus, hemorrhoids, hay fever, rheumatism, asthma and skin disorders.
Late 1700s – It has been documented that Napoleon’s Amy force used the drug as a pain reliever and sedative. 1850 –The United States Census reported that there were thousands of acres of cannabis on more than 8,000 plantation devoted to producing the product.
Early 1900s –Cannabis gained its infamous reputation for being a dangerous drug versus an aid to health. However, despite this it was still recognized to help with seizures, manic depression and a variety of emotional maladies.
1900s – 2000s – Marijuana had many ups and downs. It became illegal in this time period and became known as a recreational drug of kids in the 1960s. It got labeled as a “gateway drug” to more serious intoxicants or drugs.…

Stay in and Take up a Hobby

One of the toughest parts of giving up is working out what to do as a substitute. I remember having a conversation with a smoker friend when I was giving up and she asked me “what will you do instead?” If you are at home, take up knitting or crocheting – sounds mad but it will keep your hands busy. If you are out use chewing gum, or suck a sweet if you have to.

People often put on weight when they give up smoking, first because their taste buds are vastly improved and secondly because having a sweet treat can sub-consciously be used as a substitute.

If having a few sweets helps you keep away from the fags, I would not be too worried, putting on a few pounds is not the end of the world and you can always lose the weight later on after you have beaten the cigs.

This nothing to do with religion. Train yourself to completely relax and tell yourself that you can still be you even if you don’t smoke.

As a smoker for 15 years, I found this one pretty tough. Sub-consciously I felt if I gave up I would have nothing to do with my hands and I simply would not be the same person. I was right, I am a different person and my life is so much better without cigarettes or vaporizers. And that is from someone who rated smoking as one of her favourite all time pastimes.

Treat Yourself
Do something nice for yourself every day. Whether it is buying your favourite magazine, having a long hot bubble bath or watching a great film, reward yourself for every smoke-free day, you deserve it. Invest in stuff. Buy bitcoin if you like. As long as you’re feeling good after.…

A Double Standard

Activists in support of legalizing e-cigarettes question governmental figurehead’s alarmist language concerning the non-tobacco products. Studies confirm that e-cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals, cause fewer deaths and diseases and are a safer method for nicotine delivery. Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to employ tactics that e-cigarette manufacturers call unfair. Anti-electronic cigarette organizations claim that the presence of diethylene glycol and nitrosamines in the vapor cartridges are a risk and spread fear among a cigarette-addicted population in urgent need of safe smoking cessation alternatives.

Their message also reaches non-smokers, purposefully planting the belief that non-tobacco devices are just as dangerous as regular cigarettes. The fact is, other nicotine replacement products approved by the FDA contain nitrosamines, making e-cigarettes no more harmful than nicotine gum, patches and lozenges. One federal judge accused the FDA of purposely and wrongfully trying to control and regulate electronic cigarettes in an overly aggressive manner.…

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are a number of tried & tested ways to germinate Marijuana seeds one of the best and most reliable methods is the paper towel method.

Simply get a few sheets of kitchen towel, and place the seeds in between the paper on a plate, then wet the paper towel so it is moist but not soggy. You don’t want the seeds sitting in standing water. The best way to do this is spray the towels with a water mister so they are damp but not soaking wet. Tip off any excess water that is left on the plate. Then you need to place them in a dark, warm place. The most common place is in an airing cupboard or any cupboard that is dark & fairly warm (18-25 degrees Celsius is best) That works out at 66-80 Fahrenheit.

Some people place the seeds on top of their cable/satellite box or on top of their PC (anywhere that gives of a small amount of heat is ideal)

It is important to check the seeds at least twice a day so that the paper has not dried out, if it is starting to dry out just spray with some a little more water. Repeat this process if necessary.

In about 24-48 hours (sometimes longer) the seeds should have ‘split’ and you will see a ‘tap-root’ starting to appear from the seed. It is best to let this tap root get to approx 1cm long before potting into the medium of your choice. If you have germinated successfully you will see your seeds have ‘popped’ like the ones below:

Once the seeds have popped you are ready to plant into the medium of your choice.

Another method is just to simply get a cup of water (regular tap water is fine) some use distilled or mineral water but water from your kitchen tap is perfectly okay. Now drop the seeds(s) into the water, cover with some clingfilm to stop evaporation & put the seed in somewhere dark and warm. The seed will probably float don’t worry about this it is normal, after appoximately 24-36 hours the seed should have sunk & split open. Once this has happened you can take the seed out and plant (make sure the tap root is facing downwards into your growing medium when planting)…

What Are The Top Medical Marijuana Uses?

It is seen that many states of United States of America and also many other countries worldwide have understood the benefits of marijuana to cure and comfort a patient. For this reason many well known hospitals and doctors are prescribing patients, marijuana in places where it is legal to be used for medical purposes. There are many different medical marijuana uses. To know the top medical uses then read on to know more.

  1. Out of the many medical marijuana uses list the top use which is very beneficial discovery is the fact that marijuana is prescribes to people who are suffering from Aids. With the help of marijuana treatment of the symptoms of Aids is possible. Loss of appetite along with nausea and of course pain and anxiety are all symptoms of Aids and marijuana helps to reduce these symptoms by giving relief to Aids affected patients. Many countries are accepting marijuana as a part of treatment for Aids.
  2. Treatment of Glaucoma is also possible with the help of marijuana. This is one of the important medical marijuana benefits. It has been seen that there is no single proof which goes against the fact that marijuana can treat glaucoma. According to studies done in the 1970s, smoking marijuana lowers IOP or Intraocular pressure in people who are suffering from glaucoma. The research studies were began in the year 1978.
  3. The Medical marijuana treatment for neuropathy is also very beneficial. Many people suffering from diseases like Epilepsy, Seizures and other related problems. It is said the marijuana is a muscle relaxant. Not only that, it also has antispasmodic qualities. Because of these it is very much effective in treatment of any disease which affects the nerve cells or the nerve. A person who suffers from these diseases has to go through a lot of discomfort but with the help of medical marijuana uses many patients have been finding relief from these diseases.
  4. Medical marijuana uses for cancer is also very important factor and this discovery that been a breakthrough in the history of medicine. This is also a very important reason behind the legalization of marijuana in many places. Chemotherapy which is associated with treatment of cancer causes vomiting and nausea and here marijuana helps by reducing these things in a cancer patient who is getting chemotherapy.
  5. Medical marijuana uses for depression is also known worldwide and not only depression the benefits of medical marijuana anxiety relief is also great. The symptoms of depression and anxiety can be lowered with the help of smoking of marijuana. Many doctors believe that smoking marijuana has made their patient control their mood swings and relaxed them and also helped in reduction of tendency of suicide.
  6. With Medical marijuana diseases can be kept in check. The symptoms of serious diseases like Tourette’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and OCD can be reduced with the help of marijuana. Many studies and researches have been made which favors the use of marijuana can help out a patient who is suffering for any of these movement disorders. There are many hospitals and clinic which are prescribing marijuana to the patient who are in dire need of it.
  7. The medical marijuana strains uses are also great. Medical marijuana uses for migraine headaches has shown promising result. Many people living in California swear by marijuana whenever they suffer from migraine attacks. Most people have headaches for more than one day when they have migraine attacks and in such situation it is advised to use medical marijuana to get relief from the pain. The strong painkiller is very harmful for a person but the side effects of marijuana are not at all as dangerous as painkillers.
  8. The best side effect of smoking marijuana is the fact that a person tends to get hungry. This side effect has been very beneficial in case of a person suffering from diseases of malnutrition like starvation or cachexia. So in many places it is seen that any person who is suffering from lack of appetite is prescribed medicinal marijuana which increases appetite after smoking it.
  9. Multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury causes muscular spasticity and also limb pain. Medical marijuana uses for these painful difficulties have been given and it is seen that people who are under marijuana treatment are getting relief from the pain better than patients who are not under marijuana treatment.
  10. General nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain can also be tolerated with the help of marijuana. The proper usage of medical marijuana will help a patient to deal with these things which are quite a painful thing to handle.

So, these are some of the important medical marijuana uses. Besides these, there are also many other medical uses of marijuana.

Cloning Marijuana

Tools & materials required:

1) Seedling tray/clone box with bottom heating (heating not essential)

2) Sharp knife or safety blade

3) Rooting Hormone

4) Spray bottle

5) Small rockwool cubes, coco plugs or Jiffy plugs

Step 1. With a sharp blade cut a growing tip from the plant. Make sure you don’t cut the cutting too short, you need 2-3 leaf nodes for a good cutting.

Step 2. Trim off the lowest pair of leaves close to the main stem, as shown in image 2 and 3

Step 3. Make a 45 degree cut near the bottom on the main stem just below the node where you trimmed the leaves off in step 2. The cut needs to be at an angle just below the leaf node to create the maximum amount of surface area for new roots to grow.

Step 4. Dip the end of the cutting in rooting power or gel and ensure all cut areas are completely covered with powder or gel. Gently tap off any excess powder.

Step 5. Soak a small rockwool cube or coco/jiffy plug in water and make a hole about 25mm (1/2 inch) deep into the cube with a match. Make the hole just a little smaller than the diameter of the main stem of your cutting if possible; you want a reasonably snug fit for the cutting.

Now gently insert the cutting into the cube far enough to cover the area where you cut off the leaves. About 25 mm.

Step 6. Now place the cutting in your seedling tray or clone box, mist the cuttings with water using a spray bottle and also mist the inside lid of your clone box. Place the cover on, plug in the bottom heater if you have one, and you’re done.

Check the cuttings every day and pour a little water over the rockwool cubes if they begin to dry out. Do not fill your clone box with water, just pour enough on the cubes to re-soak them to prevent drying out. You will probably have to do that every 2 days.

Mist the cuttings and inside cover of your clone box every few days with a spray bottle or whenever you see the water droplets disappear from the inside of the cover.

After about 2 weeks you should see roots growing out of the rockwool cubes like in the image below. You now have a clone of your original plant that is ready for planting.…

Fascinating Facts About Marijuana

Not everyone has a clear idea about Marijuana. If you ask people to state some facts about marijuana then they will not state that it is a kind of recreational drug or will state that it is used for medical purpose in some States. But there are many fascinating facts which one must know about the marijuana which is now legal in many States.

According to studies it is seen that more than 45% of people living in American have use marijuana. It is the most popular thing after alcohol according to a worldwide survey. Not only this, it is seen that up to 6000 new people tried marijuana for the first time each day in United States of America. So, what is interesting is that even though it is illegal in many States, marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs.

The consumption of marijuana has been going on for more than 5000 years. If you read the history of marijuana then you will learn that it was used traditionally in countries like Europe, Asia and Africa. It is said that around 1873 the plant came to be known but it is mostly called cannabis. But according to folklore, the name marijuana came from the name Maria and Juana which was slang words used to describe a prostitute. Many believe that the word is derived from the term “maraguanquo” the meaning of which is “intoxicating plant”.

One of the fun facts about marijuana is that according to studies there are about 2000 slang terms which is used to describe marijuana or cannabis in the USA alone. Some of the popular tem of cannabis is “ganja”, “joint”, “pot” and also the famous word “weed”.

The main compound of marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The THC is psychoactive. It is said that around 70 compounds called cannabinoids is present in the flower and the leaves of this plant. But one of the interesting facts about marijuana is that it also has many non- psychoactive and therapeutic cannabinoids also.

Now for one of the positive facts about marijuana. According to a recent study conducted by University of Alabama and UCSF which was done on 5000 marijuana smoker, it is seen that a person who smokes this marijuana few times in a few has a stronger lung capacity in comparison to non smoker or a tobacco smoker. Not only this, in recent times, 2005 to be exact the UCLA paper suggests that smoking marijuana can prevent lung cancer. This is because of the presence of THC in marijuana which do not encourage cancer and for this reason many cancer patients are given marijuana.

Out of the many facts about marijuana, it is important to mention that out of so many State of USA which has legalized marijuana, only the State of Washington and Colorado has made marijuana fully legalized which means one can grow, sale and kept certain amount of marijuana.

Out of the many facts of marijuana, this fact is very interesting. Including loss of potential tax revenue and so cost spent on law enforcement, the price for prohibition of marijuana every years comes to around 20 billion dollars. So, if marijuana is legalized then this money can be used on some serious issue which the country is facing or will face.

There are many facts about marijuana but the fact that 57% of people of America support on legalization of marijuana but the support of marijuana for medical purpose only comes to an impressive 80%.

Hemp is actually very good for the environment or the planet in general. It can be used to make bio fuel which will do the planet some good if more bio fuel options and methods are adopted. Beside this, Hemp is an amazing as it can be used to make paper, canvas, rope and also clothing. Beside these, hemp can also be eaten as food. In places like Iran, India, Peru and Uruguay hemp is grown for both fuel and food.

Marijuana is not deadly and it has very mild side effects compared to alcohol and tobacco which are very dangerous for a person. It is also said that no one can overdose on this very drug, one have to smoke 800 joints of marijuana in just one sitting to be killed. But still now there has not been any report of a person smoking that many joints in just one sitting.

These are some of the interesting, fascinating and of course some positive facts about marijuana. With further research and search other many beneficial and interesting facts can be known. The internet is filled with many facts and history of this drug and one can read in detail about marijuana.

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Germination and growing mediums

So I want to start out by one of the best ways to germinate seeds. There are several different methods to germinate seeds. The most common you will see is taking a cloth and a bowl of water.. and a heating pad and putting your seeds onto the cloth… Before getting water its best to test the PH of your water, because to high or to low will make your seeds not germinate properly when they pop open. If you are going to be growing hydroponicly you want a pH of 5.0-5.5 for soil grow you want a pH of 6.0-7.0. Some people will argue that 7 is to high… its neutral.. I grow and use 7.0. The best way to test your pH is to get a pH meter. You can get them at a local Hardware store or garden place. Wal-Mart also sells them for about $11. Now make sure the cloth is saturated but not submerged in water, then place your seeds onto the cloth in your bowl. Now take a heating pad and place it underneath your bowl and put your seeds into a dark plac. Turn your heating pad on the lowest setting and let it set for 15 or 24 hours…. Make sure you check in on your seeds to make sure the water is not evaporating. When your seeds do germinate use tweezers to pick up your seedlings and then place them in whatever medium you are going to use. Example: Rockwool, pot, peat pellet or other hydro growing mediums.

1) A side note that I have noticed also, is that people like to or tend to use paper towels…. I have noticed a lot people have had problems with using paper towels… why? Because paper towels have a lot of dye and other chemicals in them that can be harmful to seedlings… so it’s best to stay away from using paper towels.
A clean cloth or hand rag that hasn’t been used in fabric softener is good enough.

Another way people use to germinate seeds is by using peat pellets.
Peat pellets tend to have a pH of 6.5 which is just right where you want it. Taking your peat pellet and your water place the pellet into the bowl of water and wait for it to absorb. A lot of people will add one drop of superthrive to help boost seed germination rate! That will work and I recommend it if you are having problems with seeds germinating, However using to much will cause the seedling not to grow so use with caution its very strong stuff. You can buy superthrive at Wal-mart or your local Hydro shop. Now you have your peat pellet all absorbed making sure your hands are clean before picking up your peat pellet… you want to squeeze out the excess water carefully, NOT too much you still want it to me very moist. Now take 2 toothpicks and make a hole about 2 cm deep and then take your seed and place it in the hole and cover a small bit of the dirt over it .

Also if you are going to grow hydroponicly and use Rockwool you want to make sure you soak your Rockwool cubes in water for 24 hours to adjust the pH of the cubes! Then taking a nail or pencil & making a hole in the middle is good enough take your plant and seedling and place it in the Rockwool!…